Sunday, October 23, 2011

11 Weeks

I am 11 weeks and I am still counting down the days for my 1st trimester to be over! This past week was definitely the roughest. I had an insane schedule for work and literally used every ounce of energy I had while at work and passed out as soon as I got home. I was in bed at 8pm every single night. I never imagined how being pregnant can change everything in my day to day life.
My roughest morning was this Saturday morning. I usually suffer from allergies and have many different over the counter drugs that I take. Zrytec D being my favorite! Obviously, I can not take it because it can harm the baby. I have a list of allergy meds I can take from my doctor but have never felt bad enough to take them yet. All day Friday I just felt achy and tired and figured it was due to the fact my work schedule was just too much that week and I over did it. I went to bed right when I got home Friday. When Steven got home we went to grab dinner and in the middle of dinner I could feel my stomach cramping and knew I had to get home...we of course rushed home and I went strait to bed at 7:30pm on a Friday night!! Seriously...what has my life come too!! I have not left the house on a Saturday since Labor weekend because I am just too's depressing but hopefully it will end soon.
At midnight Friday I woke up with the worse headache you can imagine! When I get headaches they are always in the same place in my left eye and the pain surrounds that eye and the headaches are usually caused by my allergies. The intensity of the pain is so bad that touching or opening the eye is painful. At 3am I starting throwing up...not just throwing up ..but dry heaving...we are talking the most painful experience ever with the 2 combined! This continued every 15 minutes till 7am!!! I would never wish this upon anyone! I fell a sleep for about 2 hours and when I woke up it started again! Between my mom, my aunt, and my close friend who is my boss they were all calling me every 15 minutes to check on me that morning. Both my mom and my aunt really encouraged me to call my Doctor but I knew it was my allergies! Several years ago my headaches always made me throw up when I was exhausted so I knew that was the cause. As soon as I could stop throwing up I went strait to Wal Greens and purchased Claritin!
As soon as I took the Claritin and took a nap I was fine!! I pray I never experience that again and that any Mommy to Be's don't experience being that sick in the middle of the night!!
As excited I am to be pregnant I am just ready to get past this rough part and start enjoying it. Hopefully that will happen in a week or 2 and everything will be smooth till I get to meet my little baby.
We also took the over the counter gender test! Most people are convinced it's a girl! I think for 2 reasons. One would be I just think so many want us to have a girl because Steven is such a tough, bold, and just a guys guy...imagining him with a little girl is just impossible for there are no girls in Steven's family and a little girl would just be great! Second is because I have been so sick! There are 2 different bets going on because people are so convinced it's girl because of the sickness I have had.
I personally did not have an opinion until 2 weeks ago! I am convinced it's a boy which of course is what Steven thinks it is too! The over the counter test 100% said boy. So we are already talking to the baby with his name and of course using him, he, and his.! We may be surprisingly shocked in a few weeks if we find out it's a girl because we are both 100% convinced it's a boy!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Baby Malone Is On the Way!!!!

So yes it is official....Baby Malone will arrive in May 2012! He or she should be here right around Mother's Day. And all I can say right now is how I am so ready for my 1st trimester to be over. I literally count the days down multiple times of the day! I feel sick constantly and I am so incredible tired which neither of these 2 work very well with my work schedule!
I am 9 weeks so we are coming to the end of this feeling and I think I might have a party when the 1st 3 months are over. As we speak I am sitting here feeling sick at the moment...not fun at all!!!
We have already been to the Doctor and heard the heart beat which is when it dawned on Steven, "This is real!" The baby is measuring about 4ish days smaller then it should so we have another appointment this week to re measure and make sure everything is growing like it should! Friday can not get here fast enough so I can hear that little beat again and see my husband's eyes pop out of face...his reaction is the best!
I found out on Labor Day so just like my previous post August was for sure the month of change because that was the month I got pregnant! As soon as I found out I had such good thoughts to continue my strict work outs and keep it up as long as I could...YEP...that last like 3 days! When they say you are so tired...that is NO LIE....I never thought I would feel the way I have felt. It feels like an alien has taken over my body! I have no control over how I feel day to day because this little bean inside of me is controling everything...Welcome to being a parent Amy :)

Warning to all Mommy Wanna Be's!!!! This is the list of so true 1st Trimester issues that I was for sure a myth or thought "No Way is that going to happen to me!!"

1. You are so tired that you can barely get out of bed and then the 2nd you get home all you want to do is sleep!
2. All you care about on your days off from work is laying in have no desire to get ready or even get out of the house.
3. The sick feeling you have is so undiscribable and awful! You literally burp up everything that goes into your stomach...including water...Yes water even can make you sick!!
4. You never thought Saltine Crackers would be your best friend! I went through a whole sleeve in a day and a half just to help with my stomach and not gagging.
5. You feel like you are going to die when your hungry and you become a raving lunitic if you don't get food...NOW and I mean NOW!!!!!!!!!!! Just ask my husband!
6. And pee ALLLLLL the time...I have never been the person that wakes up at night to pee but now I am. There has not been one night that I have not peed in the middle of the night.
7. Talk about pain in the boob area! It is so bad that it hurts to lay on my stomach...I can only imagine what breast feeding is going to feel like!!
8. Raging Hormones! This started for me last week. Yes you turn into a completely different person and for me...I can just be flat out MEAN!!! I have not been a crier (except once..I am keeping my fingers crossed)yet but I am for sure snappy at people and just say it how it is. I am pretty blunt as a non pregnant person so being pregnant I am a little worse!

I never imagined in a million years any of these things would affect my day to day life when I got pregnant but let me tell has taken over!!! I have no control over any of the listed. I told Steven the baby is already in charge and he or she is barely the size of a bean!!! We are definitely in for a life changing experience in May which I think I am getting a small taste of it now and I could not be more excited!!!!!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Constant Change

The month of August has been about Change. I have constantly been praying for peace and just patience on all the changes that have taken place this month. The month was kicked off with my family trip to the Bahamas. Steven could not go because his new job which he loves just keeps him so busy. That is a bit of change I have experienced this month as well. Getting off the flight in Nassau felt different to me then the last time but I couldn't figure it out. I did not have a sense of calmness that I should have when landing in a beautiful topical island to rest and re charge. Well I figured it out real bag did not make it!! And I did not have it back in my possesion for 2 weeks. Yes!! I went the whole vacation without my stuff. I luckily had a carry on that had dresses, shirts, and swimsuit cover ups. But other then that I had nothing but what I wore there.

My bag went all the way to San Francisco and then came back to DFW after I had made it home. And instead of being delivered to me it went back to Nassau! Only if my bag could talk! The good news is everything was in my bag and so far I have gotten a flight from AA. I still except a little more.

Steven's new job requires so much moer of his time! He is gone before I get up and usually gets home later then I do. He also has started traveling which I am not use too at all. So far he has worked every weekend. He has not even had a day off the week and is going in today on a Sunday! That is definitely a change that I am trying to get use too.

My very close friend and co worker had a baby this month too! That is always a good change but of course is still a change! Her entire life has changed and will never be like it use too. It was so neat to see the change in her after she delivered her sweet little girl. I definitely saw her go from one of my closest friends to a mom that loves and adores her baby girl.

I also turned 29 this month! A birthday is always a change and 29 is a big one!! It is my last year in my twenties! I really reflected on everything that has happened in my
20s and what kept coming to my mind was "How much I have changed!" When I think about where I was at 20 or even 21. Oh Wow!!! I was so lost in who I was and was just trying to figure out my place in this world. Then I look at 25 and I think I had changed a little from 20 but still was trying to figure out my place. But now at 29 I have changed and matured into a loving wife and successful business women but I am still the same friend that I was at 20!

The change I received this week is my property is on the market! This means so much change. It took me pretty much all week to digest the fact that the place I have love so much will no longer be mine! The Marquis at Silver Oaks a place for all my 1st in the real world! My 1st job, 1st failure, 1st place to fall in love AKA I met Steven there :), 1st promotion, and the list could go on and on!! I was apart of the team that took that property over and then I watched the clubhouse burn down. Now I will be leading the team in selling the property and giving our investors the best return because ultimaltely that is what I do. It is definitely bittersweet!! I will keep rolling with the changes because the next 6 months are going to be full of so many changes!

I will continue to pray for peace and guidance on how to handle everything knowing that I have no control in what happens!!

Thursday, July 28, 2011


I am sitting in a training room at my companies Corporate Office waiting for a 12 person 2-3 hour long interview. Anyone that knows me in a work environment knows that when it comes to intense meetings or days at work. I am all over it and it is no big deal for me but I will think and analyze everything! I never get nervous or at least show that I am nervous! Talk about making myself go crazy today!!

I have been waiting since 9am and it is now 12:15! I am the last to go! All morning long I have been calm, cool, and collective! Thinking no big deal...I have got this...I do this stuff all the time...I have been through more intense stressful things before! Plus not too mention the overwhelming support I have gotten from all my co worker along with upper management. I have gotten so many text and emails this morning wishing me luck and so excited for me! It is so incredible and has just made it that much easy to know how much support I have in my job!

Well...let me just tell you! If I could turn my brain off right now...I would! I am driving myself nutty. All I want to do is go in there and get going. Let me talk about myself already! So the only thing I knew to do was blog! All my work is done, all my emails are checked, and I am pretty sure there is nothing else I can do to prepare myself for this interview!! Plus I am starting to get hungry but am afriad to eat because I have a nervous stomach!!!

These are the moments that you prepare for through college and your whole career and then will look back on and remember that day no matter the outcome. I am sure I will remember exactly what I am wearing and everything about this day!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

June 2011

June was such a busy month! Something every single weekend and then it felt like every night too. I just cleaned my house for the 1st time in a month! I feel so much better!! June was filled with my brothers 18th birthday, my cousin's high school graduation, Allyson's baby shower, my high school reunion, and lots of work! Not too mention Steven changed jobs at the end of the month and will start traveling many changes going on!

My High School Reunion was so much fun! It was great to be with all my life long girlfriends that I have known since elementary. We had some really good laughs and definitely made some new memories that I will be laughing about for years. Here are some of my favorite pictures from the weekends events!

The table decor was great! It was fun to go through everything again and also look at all the pictures!

This was 1 of my favorite pictures from the weekend!! I can't help but take a look back at what we looked like 10 years ago.

Spring 2001 in Abilene for a TCHS baseball game. I remember this like it was yesterday it's hard to believe it was 10 years ago!

I was also apart of helping with Allyson's shower! I prepared for this shower for months with all the decor. My house looked like a Arts and Crafts Mall for weeks and sure enough I forgot my camera! Yes I did not have a camera to document all my hard work on my dear friend Allyson's shower! You can't really see the details of everything but let me tell you there were details! I even had Mia's initials on flags on all the pink and white vintage straws! We have no pictures of these either...Totally bummed!! Here are some pictures I got from another hostess but I don't think they do all the decor justice!

The candy bar had so many details. There was a black and white damask table runner that you can barely see. I had custom labels made for the candy that where black and white damask with pink. The sign above said, "Welcome to all things sweet." My favorite part of the candy bar was the mini onesie cookies I had custom made. They were decorated to match the theme of Mia's nursery! I am talking ABORABLE!!!! I had them made from a lady I found on Etsy! She can decorate them however you want and they are actually Yummy!! You can pick your own flavor too.

Everything turned out just the way all of us wanted and I think Allyson was really happy with everything! All our hard work paid off...I know we all contributed our strengths and it turned out Fabulous!

All the Hostess's together in front of Mia's custom sign. Also something I had made from Etsy. Best website ever!!

How adorable does Preston look with the CWS working with the fabulous women on each side of me!

So to say the least June was such a busy month!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Things We Do

Does anyone else just sit down sometimes and start looking around and ever think to yourself..."Why the heck did I buy that or agree to buy that?" Well...that is how I feel about my couches!

I try so hard to like them but I just do not like them 1 bit!!! It was the 1st purchase that my husband and I bought together when we first got engaged. And I have no idea what I was thinking when I agreed to get them. It is not like he forced me too...I completely agreed on them! They are exactly what I have always NEVER WANTED TO OWN! And now I am stuck with them and Steven loves them!

They are the matchy, matchy Roomstore stuff...and I mean stuff!! They are way too big for our living room and take over the whole space! It practically cuts off the entry in our house...drives me nutty! I swear I sit in the living room and just drive myself nuts looking at the space these stupid couches take up! The Love Seat doesn't so much bother me because it actually fits the space it sits in but just the color and decor of it bothers me.

I refuse to waist anymore of my money on throw pillows to attempt to like the couch set because it just is not going to happen! I just need a 2 year old to spill red kool aid all over both of them. Right?!?!?!?! Who is with I the only 1 that has something in their home they just can't believe they wasted their money on?

Monday, May 30, 2011

Dining Room

I have finally finished my Dining Room. The only thing I have left is finding the perfect centerpiece!!

So here is the before pictures, right when we moved in.

The dining room sat with just a table for awhile but I don't think I have a picture of that but to the most exciting part! My chairs I found on Craigslist! I have re fabriced before but this was definitely a challenge. The true test is going to be when the chairs actually get sat in. I am a little worried about it. I did 2 different fabrics on the top cushion and it was not easy. I basically white washed all of them to match the legs of the table. I think I could have used a tougher sand paper too. Word of advice don't always listen to the guy at Home Depot. One of the chairs has a pink tint and I blame it all on the sand paper. I think I painted 1 part of it 5 times and just nothing would work.

Here are the before pictures....just awful!!

And the after....

The main fabric is from Ballard Design. I 1st saw it on a chair they sell and just fell in love with it and the green looks a little lime green in the picture but actually matches the drapes perfectly! The Captains chairs are also Ballard Designs standard parson chairs with their basic fabric slipcover. I have a fabric swatch for almost all the fabric Ballard Design if you need one...I bet I have it!

I am really happy with my dining room and feel so accomplished! It is a much better feeling then just buying something at a store that has no personality or personal touch.

Overall I think it turned out close to the picture that inspired me!