Thursday, July 28, 2011


I am sitting in a training room at my companies Corporate Office waiting for a 12 person 2-3 hour long interview. Anyone that knows me in a work environment knows that when it comes to intense meetings or days at work. I am all over it and it is no big deal for me but I will think and analyze everything! I never get nervous or at least show that I am nervous! Talk about making myself go crazy today!!

I have been waiting since 9am and it is now 12:15! I am the last to go! All morning long I have been calm, cool, and collective! Thinking no big deal...I have got this...I do this stuff all the time...I have been through more intense stressful things before! Plus not too mention the overwhelming support I have gotten from all my co worker along with upper management. I have gotten so many text and emails this morning wishing me luck and so excited for me! It is so incredible and has just made it that much easy to know how much support I have in my job!

Well...let me just tell you! If I could turn my brain off right now...I would! I am driving myself nutty. All I want to do is go in there and get going. Let me talk about myself already! So the only thing I knew to do was blog! All my work is done, all my emails are checked, and I am pretty sure there is nothing else I can do to prepare myself for this interview!! Plus I am starting to get hungry but am afriad to eat because I have a nervous stomach!!!

These are the moments that you prepare for through college and your whole career and then will look back on and remember that day no matter the outcome. I am sure I will remember exactly what I am wearing and everything about this day!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

June 2011

June was such a busy month! Something every single weekend and then it felt like every night too. I just cleaned my house for the 1st time in a month! I feel so much better!! June was filled with my brothers 18th birthday, my cousin's high school graduation, Allyson's baby shower, my high school reunion, and lots of work! Not too mention Steven changed jobs at the end of the month and will start traveling many changes going on!

My High School Reunion was so much fun! It was great to be with all my life long girlfriends that I have known since elementary. We had some really good laughs and definitely made some new memories that I will be laughing about for years. Here are some of my favorite pictures from the weekends events!

The table decor was great! It was fun to go through everything again and also look at all the pictures!

This was 1 of my favorite pictures from the weekend!! I can't help but take a look back at what we looked like 10 years ago.

Spring 2001 in Abilene for a TCHS baseball game. I remember this like it was yesterday it's hard to believe it was 10 years ago!

I was also apart of helping with Allyson's shower! I prepared for this shower for months with all the decor. My house looked like a Arts and Crafts Mall for weeks and sure enough I forgot my camera! Yes I did not have a camera to document all my hard work on my dear friend Allyson's shower! You can't really see the details of everything but let me tell you there were details! I even had Mia's initials on flags on all the pink and white vintage straws! We have no pictures of these either...Totally bummed!! Here are some pictures I got from another hostess but I don't think they do all the decor justice!

The candy bar had so many details. There was a black and white damask table runner that you can barely see. I had custom labels made for the candy that where black and white damask with pink. The sign above said, "Welcome to all things sweet." My favorite part of the candy bar was the mini onesie cookies I had custom made. They were decorated to match the theme of Mia's nursery! I am talking ABORABLE!!!! I had them made from a lady I found on Etsy! She can decorate them however you want and they are actually Yummy!! You can pick your own flavor too.

Everything turned out just the way all of us wanted and I think Allyson was really happy with everything! All our hard work paid off...I know we all contributed our strengths and it turned out Fabulous!

All the Hostess's together in front of Mia's custom sign. Also something I had made from Etsy. Best website ever!!

How adorable does Preston look with the CWS working with the fabulous women on each side of me!

So to say the least June was such a busy month!