Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Burbs

It is funny when you move into a house and you start developing opinions about your neighbors. The first night we started moving boxes into our house. I walked outside and Steven and his brother Michael were talking to a high school er that I supposed lived near by. He was giving them the scoop on the street and all the neighbors. He said there was a man with an ax that walks around at night that lives down the street...totally freaked me out! And the lady next door was really nosey and tries to get into every ones business and we don't need to talk to her but other then that he said it was great! I remember thinking.."Where is the video camera...I have moved into 'The Burbs' and this is Ricky Butler the high school er on the block that knew everything!

So here is my take on everyone. The 2 houses across the street are a little strange. I am trying to figure out if we have a mad scientist in one house. He has this crazy wiring contraption in his back yard that you can see over his house. It is more visible at night and he has these awful, horrible reflectors in his driveway that I am just waiting for Steven to yank up because they drive us nuts! They are UGLY!!!! All their cars seem to have serious alarms on them because they have crazy flashes lights on them and their yard has ADT alarm system signs all over it! I am telling you it is Doc from Back to the Future. Plus they sit there trash out 2 days earlier then the pick up! If that happened at the apartment community I manage I would get so many complaints!!!

The house catty corner has a husband and a wife with 2 little dogs. I always see her with scrubs on after work like she is a nurse or works in a Dr's office but he is the interesting one. He reminds me of the Lieutenant from The Burbs. I pulled out of my drive way for work one morning and he obviously heard my garage opening and no joke....I saw the mans head peek up from behind his fence while obviously standing on something to get a good look at me when I pulled out of my drive way. I could not stop laughing!! I had to make a block just to see if he popped back down into his back yard. I called Steven and told him that everyone is trying to get a good look at the new neighbors!

One night last week Steven and I were cooking dinner for his friend that was coming over. We were both standing in our kitchen and could hear Ella barking and barking and I asked Steven if his friend was here since Ella was going nuts. The door bell did not ring nor did we hear a knock but Ella was going nuts! Steven went to check and the next thing I heard was this lady talking and I was pretty sure it was the neighbor that I had met last week that told me she was waiting to meet me. She literally stood in my yard with her dogs waiting for me to come outside and had the nerve to say.."I've been waiting for you to come out!" Yep!!! This is the lady the high school kid told us about AKA Ricky! She literally let herself in our house before Steven even opened the door! I don't even know this ladies name is the best part but she had the nerve to literally just walk into my house! Praise the Lord she told us she is moving and she was asking questions about our property line verses hers...which is none of her business...figure it out yourself LADY!!! As she stood there making up stuff to talk about Steven and I looked at her so confused as she scanned the entire house that she could see from the fron entry and said...."Well it looks nice in here." Steven replied..."Oh well we still need to get the dining room and office put together."... Her response.."Oh well the owners before were just ridiculous on how they how this house decorated!" EXCUSE ME!!! That is the whole reason I loved this house because they had it so well kept and decorated so nicely!! We were so confused....she stood there it felt like for an hour just being nosey there was no purpose at all for her being there. When she finally left Steven and I stood there speechless just looking at each other laughing when all the sudden we hear our glass door open AGAIN!!!!!!!! YES IT WAS HER!!!! Just peeking in again....to ask...."Oh by the way what's your last name?" Steven was so caught off guard that she had just let herself back into our house he just said Malone in complete shock! And after she left we locked everything and thought what the heck!!!! Praise the Lord they are moving!!!

We are for sure the youngest couple on the block and I guess we seem a little mysterious to all of them. I can only imagine what will happen when we have our 1st party or get together for a sporting event!!

I am still keeping my eyes peeled for this guy with an ax!!

Welcome to The Burbs!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Better Late Then Never

I am finally finding time to sit down and blog after almost a month! My life has been so busy this month. Steven and I moved into our new house and both of us have been working like crazy! Our weekends have been full of running errands and just trying to make our new home complete! We are really close but not quite there. The living room, ktichen, and master are pretty much complete. Everything else is no where near done! I finally stopped to take some pictures so share!

Moving in! Our movers did not show up until 7:30pm so we did not get get all our stuff in till around 9pm that night. I could not handle all the boxes and unpacked EVERYTHING that night after the movers left!

This is the office and pretty much looks almost the same right now. Just different stuff! We have to get a new light fixture obviously that one is too low. Steven has ran into it 3 times already!

Master Bedroom

Living room! I love my rug!

This is the dining room! My next project! I also going to get a chandalier for this room. Those lights look like a pool hall and of course Steven loves them and I hate them. I want a rod iron with crystal chandalier similier to this one from Ballard Designs.

Just a few of wedding gifts!

And Now.....

Our Living Room! I do not really like our couches so I really had to search for throw pillows to help me like it better. I probably bought pillows at every store possible and returned so many! I ended up going with the European brown ones and decorative green pillows. I like the couch better but this will be a couch I will never love but my husband likes it. You give some...right :)

Love the lights in the Breakfast room!

Jean and Betty!!!

This will be the next room to conquer!

Our bedroom...I love my room. This was Steven's furniture and I struggled with it too because black furniture is just hard. And yes I chose black drapes...I can not believe it myself but it actually looks great! I tested several colors but they looked the best....Shocking!!!

The flowers on the counter are from my wonderful staff for Bosses Day!

We still have so much! We have an amazing back yard! I have 7 hanging pots that I need to buy flowers for but I am not sure exactly how to put anything in them. So many new things to learn!