Sunday, April 17, 2011

1 year Anniversary

Today is the official day of Steven and I's 1 year anniversary! A year ago I was in my suite at The Magnolia with my closest girlfriends and of course my mom completely sick to stomach. I can't describe the way I felt. It is a feeling that I know I will never feel again and only felt that day...all in a good way! I knew the whole day that once I got down the aisle to Steven it would all go away and it did! Steven and I have had such a great weekend of celebrating and today I am just so tired all I want to do is chill at home! We have talked about the best parts of our wedding and the things we would have changed. I can honestly say we had 1 heck of a party a year ago...the band played an extra hour for free because the dance floor was packed. I did not even do my bouquet toss or garter toss because we did not want to interrupt the party. My photographer did not even get our exit because the party went so late she had already left. The best part is while Steven and I went to The Jewel Hotel the party kept going at The Magnolia Bar till 5am!! That is something Steven and I wish we would have been apart of and of course I was the 1 that just had to stay at The Jewel that night...poor decision on my part! Walking into The Magnolia this weekend was totally surreal...I have such great memories there and the second I walk in it felt like it did a year ago. Everything looks the same and smells the same. The only thing is I got to wake up to my husband and not Allyson and Jess. Don't get me wrong I love Allyson and Jess but waking up next to my husband is a little better :) So here is to a look back. The 1st picture just makes me smile. I think back to how I was literally almost throwing up before I walked down the aisle and my dad pulls our juice and tums. The man had it hidden in his tux...he had studied up on how to be prepared and that was something he read. What a great dad I have. He kept saying, "This is what you love...all eyes on you...We are going to make this look good!" I am not going to lie I do like attention. When I look at this picture I think about how happy I was and I finally felt normal and knew I was not going to throw up.

Love this picture! This picture just makes me laugh. Steven loves to do things that completely catches me off guard and no matter if it is something that irritates me I never can do anything but laugh. Basically, when my cousin who married us said, "You may kiss your bride." Steven decided to try to 100% mug down with me and I was not ready. I went in for our kiss closed month and of course he was open month...I am pretty sure I kinda did my "little" hit on his chest right after too. So funny and just a great memory. At this point all I wanted to do was get to The Magnolia to see my dream reception room come to life. And the party finally starts. I was obsessed with everything it turned out PERFECT!! I wish I could re create the room and just sit there and enjoy it all over again! Many generations of Horton women. I wonder how this picture will compare 10 years from now when we are at 1 of the little girls wedding!

Steven and I have been blessed with the best friends ever. I know that I would have never made it through my wedding day without them or even my engagement. I love and cherish them dearly and I know Steven feels the same way. And not too mention I have some pretty hot bridesmaids :0 The secret in all these pictures is there are actually an addition 3 little boys that were apart of everything you just can't quite see them. Calli was pregnant was her 1st son Samual, Hope was pregnant with her 2nd son Ryder, and Amy was pregnant with her 1st son Preston. Classic picture during the Iranian Wedding Ceremony of my mom dancing. Our Beautiful Iranian Table. I loved this! The dances.... I had the absolute best vendors ever! They did such a fabulous job on everything. Kristen, Jessica, Audrey, Studio 54, Royal Lane Baptist, and The Magnolia....Kristen just made everything come alive with all the flowers! Happy 1st Anniversary to Steven and I! We just love our family and friends so much and it was so incredibly special to spend this day with everyone last year!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fabric Seach

My living room is pretty much complete except 1 small wall that I have been on the search for something simple but yet provides a bit of pop in the living room. I have had no luck and I do not want a wrought iron type peice. I am trying really hard to stay away from those...I am just kind of over them! I also don't want the metal look either so I have been on the search for the perfect picture. The area has crown molding which I love so I need the perfect size. I have had no luck but just came across the best idea of one of my favorite design blogs.

Framed Fabric....

I love this!! It is fabic just framed in a nice wall frame! How easy is that...I wish I had yellow in my house!

Thought this was really cute too!

I am on the hunt for my perfect fabric and frame. I might do 3 depending on the fabric I can find!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Mouse Catcher

Today when I got home from work I grabbed my paint brushes and Ella and I headed strait to the back yard to continue my white washing of my dining room chairs. We have a really good fence so the thought of having to watch Ella's every single move in the backyard is never a concern for me. I am talking the fence is practically brand new in perfect condition.

Steven got home and I had all our doors open just painting away in the backyard. Steven began yelling for Ella and when she didn't answer I assumed she was on the side of the house playing with the mud balls that tend to occupy her. When Steven let me know she was not there we both started yelling for her and nothing. Steven kept yelling and yelling and luckily we could hear her bark! little dog had made her 1st official escape from the yard. My heart dropped!!

As I yelled her name frantically looking to see how she could have gotten out, I found a small area that lead into the neighbors backyard. The only problem is they had a horrible fence that connects to another horrible fence that is a vacant house that is for sale. Now which backyard was she in?? She could have easily gotten into the backyard of the vacant house and I was preparing to start fence hopping!!

I could just imagine Ella backyard hopping enjoying life...

When I got to the front yard of our neighbors yard I could hear some little squealing noise which I knew was not Ella but she was also not barking anymore! As I rounded the corner to their backyard, I see Ella through this broken fence practically trying to kill 2 mice! Seriously...we are talking Fievel and his sister!

She was all over them in the backyard. Not only am I thinking that I can not get to her to make sure she does not just bite into one but she is not listening to me yelling "NO" repetitively as she tried to play with both of them.

Luckily the man next door got into the back yard before I broke the fence down. Total mother moment that I am pretty sure if 10 more minutes would have passed that fence would have been on the ground in order for me to get to Ella!!

I can not believe my sweet little Ella escaped our backyard! At least I know little Miss Ella will always catch Mice if we ever have that problem...YYUUCCKKKYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!