Monday, July 26, 2010

Just Say No!

It's official! I have finally decided to just say "No" to sugar! I love sweets....they are addicting. Since I got home from Mexico all I want is sweets...cookies, candy, ice name it that is what I want! After going to Dairy Queen today and getting an ice cream cone I decided, this has gotten out of control!

I have to eat something sweet every night. This can not be healthy! Not to mention I am laxtose intolerant...but I have eaten ice cream 3 times since I have been home from Mexico. I can usually control my ice cream craving because it makes my tummy hurt but not lately.

Two of my leasing agents love sugar just as much as I do. We have a candy drawer!!! And now it has moved into the frig in my office....we have a stock of bundt cakes from this fabulous store in Southlake called, "Nothing Bundt Cake." They are incredible if you have not tried them! Super cute as party favors, promo items, or just gifts in general! Brooke didn't want to eat M&M's alone at home so what does she do...she brings 2 bags to work!

Not to mention people are always bringing goodies into my office. Like everyday! I am talking breakfast pastries, coffee drinks, candy bars, cakes, name it we get it! I guess there is something about 5 cute girls working in an apartment community that just keep people coming back bringing us food. It is crazy what we get! My regional said she has never seen anything like it! How do you think I discovered the bundt cakes...someone brought them to us!

I am going to do my best to stay away from sugar! I know it will be hard but I think I can do it....

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Baby Princess

As many of you know I have a Yorkie Poo named Ella. I bought her after college for $400 which was my largest purchase at the time without my dads help! It was a HUGE deal for me and him ;) Ella was actually a deal! I had put a deposit down on her before she was born which also locked the price down. She was the only female in her litter plus she was the runt.

When I picked her up she was less then a pound and barely had any hair. I had to feed her this special sugar paste to help her gain weight and give her strength. And don't think I use to take her to work with me in her bag. When I lived in Dallas and worked in Grapevine I was too scared to leave her because she was so small and fragile. So Yep! I packed her up every morning and my boss at the time let me put her in a back office and she would just hang out in her bag. The bag was big for her!

When I decided to make my big move from Uptown to Grapevine the main reason at the time was she would not go to the bathroom out side my apartment in uptown because the planes flew so low near Lovefeild it scared her and there is not a lot of grass area. Everytime I took her to work she loved the open grass dog like a child somewhat chose where I was going to live at the time! She is so SPOILED!!!

Gorge is her best friend! My loving new brother in law bought me this dog kit for Christmas 2 years ago and the little pink mouse was in the box. So I named him Gorge and Ella does know his name. She hides him but when I ask her where he is....she runs and gets him!

It drives Steven nuts I spell it Gorge and not George. I had to put a twist on's a little stuffed mouse! It has been one of the best gifts ever because Ella loves Gorge. Ella will be 5 in September....I think we will have a big celebration. Like a Doggie Birthday :) Let me know if you and your dog want to come!

Monday, July 19, 2010


I have been through so many journey's in my life. I have girlfriends that without a doubt when I am going through something they are the 1st call I make. I have had these friends since elementary school. The 3 of them have been there and seen me at my worst and best! We grew up in small town Lubbock, Texas and all went to a small Christian School where everyone knows everyone or really that is just Lubbock in general. When I graduated High School all I wanted to do was get out of Lubbock. My mom use to always tell me that there will be a day when I miss it and want to come home, which I thought "Ya Right...She's Nuts!" I have had those days a lot in the past year where I just want to go home and not worry about anything and to have a little bit of home brought to me lately is just God whispering in my ear that everything will be okay.

To have so many people from my home town come look at the property I manage is just bazaar to me! As of September I have been in the apartment industry for 5 years and 4 out of the those 5 years has been at The Marquis at Silver Oaks in Grapevine, Texas. I have been through so much at this property. Words can not describe the emotions I have felt over the 4 years I have worked there. It was my
1st job, 1st failure, where I met my husband, and 1st promotion.....and so so so much more! Not to mention I watched a 9,000 square foot clubhouse that I spend hours and hours at burn to the ground 2 days before Christmas in 2006!

In the past 3 months there has been so many people from Lubbock come in and actually lease and move in. This is has never happened in 5 years....not only are they from Lubbock they went to my school. I only had 63 in my graduating class so my school was small!

Since February 8th I was given the honor to actually manage The Marquis at Silver Oaks and it has been trying and difficult to say the least. There has been days that I had no idea how I was going to get through it......but hey...isn't that called a career! To have so many people from Home become residents or even just looking at my property is a sign from the good man upstairs that I am in the right place which makes it all worth it. Both my husband and I have questioned it so many times in the past 6 months due to my high stress level but without a doubt I know I am where I am suppose to be.

I still have so much to learn and achieve but just getting a little taste of "Home" on stressful days make it better.

Friday, July 16, 2010


What a great week I have had! Steven and I had so much fun and met some of the coolest people. As we were walking out the door low and behold there was my mother with breakfast and my last green tea for a week! So guess who got to go with us to the airport, my mom! The only way Steven and I could sit with eachother on the flight there was to be on the last row, right next to the engine. Steven hated it, he complained the whole time!

Right when we landed I had 4 shots and 3 mixed drinks and then passed out for the rest of the night. My husband was not too happy with me but he made me take the shots! That was the night my battle with the food began as well...not that the food didn't taste okay but my stomach just did not like it!

Everyday we went to the swim up bar. We created a little group from the first full day we were there and every day we met up and drank together. The 1st day Steven drank these drinks called Superman, he was drinking them 1 after the other and lets just say they definitely caught up to him. That was also the day that Steven literally was "superman." There was a group of CRAZY canadians that were at the pool everyday and that day one of the girls tried to jump off the never ending pool which actually landed her strait on concrete when she thought it went into the beach. Steven grabbed her as she was going off the edge. She was also going around pinching everyones boobies and showing hers at the same time! Canadians are come crazy folks for sure, never seen anything like it!

We ate at this awesome restaurant called The Office. I wish I could have enjoyed it more but my stomach started hurting after 4 bites but Steven ate his whole plate!

These 2 women reminded me of both my grandmothers. Diane who is on my left sounded just like my Nanny. Her husbands name was Bob which is what my Nanny called my dad. She would say "Oh Shit Bob!" all the time and that is what Nanny always said to my dad. Becky is a hairdresser and did not want to get her hair wet at the pool my Memaw was a hair dresser. It was kinda surreal to meet these 2 women on my honeymoon.

This was our last night! It was so fun to go out downtown Cabo with everyone!

It was such a Great Week!!! Steven and I have decided that phones are overrated and are going to leave them behind more often!

Friday, July 9, 2010


Steven and I are finially taking our Honeymoon to Cabo this week. We leave tomorrow and it still does not feel real to me yet. I have been so stressed out this week trying to make sure everything at work is done so I am not stressed when I get back. Why is it that we have to prepare for vacations? It is honestly annoying! It is one of those things you can not do anything about but is just apart of growing up. I had so much to do in the past 48 hours it is a miracle I got it done.

Luckily, I have a supervisor that said, "Oh Amy just do it when it get back." There is no way I could enjoy myself unless I had everything caught up. No Way! Is everyone that way or just me? I don't want to have to think about all these things I have to finish that were due the week before when I get back, so instead I stress myself out about getting it done before! There really isn't a good choice...either way work never goes away but only for a moment!

For the next week I hope and pray I do not stress about one thing! I have so much on my mind that I just want it all to go away and not think about. I know my husband is hoping for the same! What is it about us girls or maybe it is just me :) Either way I am on a jet plane by tomorrow without a cell phone or access to my life through text, email, or phone and I could not be more happier about that! So if you are reading this and their is a crisis or emergency right now call my husband not me!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Party Cove

I am pretty sure my husband stayed in the lake for 6 hours start on 4th of July. I have never met someone that loves the water as much as he does. I tried to stay in with him but I just could not hang. These 3 guys created their own Mexican names for the day. Steven was Santos, Michael was Wuan, and Bryan was Miguel. When I asked them what they called their ladies the response was "Bonita." Real creative guys!

We had a great day at the lake. These 2 single ladies kept floating down to get a better look of Jake from The Bachelor hiding out in a boat down the way. It took me everything to not yell at him and tell him what a goof he was! Bummer I did not get a picture to send into US Weekly. I wonder what my payment would have been? Hmmmmm.....Something to think about!

I have met some really cool people and some pretty darn funny ones at Party Cove the past 2 Holiday weekends. I laughed so hard this weekend my side hurt when I got home and it felt like I had done ab workouts the next morning.