Sunday, December 19, 2010

House Warming Tacky Christmas Sweater Party

Steven and I had our 1st party in our new home! It was a great hit!! I can definitely tell we are getting older. When we went to the store to buy everything the plan was to make sure we had a little more then needed because we were afraid people might bring friends. We got tons of food and tons of alcohol. Steven got a full keg of Bud Light and we had 5 jugs of Sangria plus TONS of food. All the food was eaten but only 2 jugs of Sangria and maybe half of the keg was drank! How times have changed!! We were so expecting the complete oposite and were worried about running out of alcohol. We had just enough food, pretty much everything we made was gone by morning!! What can I say....We are finally getting to the "Dinner Party" stage of life!

It was so much fun decorating our house for the 1st time for Christmas. I loved both the outside and inside! I really love my table with the lolipops!! I basically bought the lolipops for something totally different and never used them. I found the green potting plants and thought Oh My Goodness that would be so cute to use with the lolipops!! Almost everything else was stuff I had. My wonderful mother in law had the perfect table clothe that matched perfectly!!

Everyone did a great job with the Tacky Christmas Sweaters!! It was so much fun to see the sweaters! My dad wrapped himself in lights and had to stay plugged in all night. I totally did not get a picture with him so hopefully I can convince him to dress up in the same thing Christmas so I can get my picture! He was the winner with the best sweater!! Excuse my bright red lipstick in the pictures. It is a little much!

I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as Steven and I! Until next year!!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Then and Now

Last night I went to my little brother semi-final football game. He goes to Aledo High School which is right outside of Weatherford. I stunk down onto the field just to get a picture together and my dad just emailed it to me and it blows my mind how big he is! He is taller then me and just towers over me. He is almost 18 which means I am close to 30! That is so hard to believe, it feels like I should be almost 18 not him.

During the game the quarterback for the other team had a leg injury and laid on the field for awhile and then was carried off the field. That scene is all to familar for Bryan and my parents! He tour is ACL in a summer game as a an in going freshmen in high school, which caused him not to play that year. In the spring game 2009 he was tackled and broke his leg so bad that he laid on the field roughly 30 minetes waiting for the ambulance to get to the Aledo field all the way from Fort Worth! Needless to say he spend his entire Sophomore year recovering from breaking his leg and he now has rods is his leg. How many people can say that have accomplished overcoming those type of injuries all before 18! Not me!! There is always a reason for everything and looking back on myself I am really thankful for tough stuff because it made being an adult just a little easier! Hopefully he will be able to say the same thing in 10 years....that will be mean I will be close to 40!!! OMG!!!