Sunday, August 28, 2011

Constant Change

The month of August has been about Change. I have constantly been praying for peace and just patience on all the changes that have taken place this month. The month was kicked off with my family trip to the Bahamas. Steven could not go because his new job which he loves just keeps him so busy. That is a bit of change I have experienced this month as well. Getting off the flight in Nassau felt different to me then the last time but I couldn't figure it out. I did not have a sense of calmness that I should have when landing in a beautiful topical island to rest and re charge. Well I figured it out real bag did not make it!! And I did not have it back in my possesion for 2 weeks. Yes!! I went the whole vacation without my stuff. I luckily had a carry on that had dresses, shirts, and swimsuit cover ups. But other then that I had nothing but what I wore there.

My bag went all the way to San Francisco and then came back to DFW after I had made it home. And instead of being delivered to me it went back to Nassau! Only if my bag could talk! The good news is everything was in my bag and so far I have gotten a flight from AA. I still except a little more.

Steven's new job requires so much moer of his time! He is gone before I get up and usually gets home later then I do. He also has started traveling which I am not use too at all. So far he has worked every weekend. He has not even had a day off the week and is going in today on a Sunday! That is definitely a change that I am trying to get use too.

My very close friend and co worker had a baby this month too! That is always a good change but of course is still a change! Her entire life has changed and will never be like it use too. It was so neat to see the change in her after she delivered her sweet little girl. I definitely saw her go from one of my closest friends to a mom that loves and adores her baby girl.

I also turned 29 this month! A birthday is always a change and 29 is a big one!! It is my last year in my twenties! I really reflected on everything that has happened in my
20s and what kept coming to my mind was "How much I have changed!" When I think about where I was at 20 or even 21. Oh Wow!!! I was so lost in who I was and was just trying to figure out my place in this world. Then I look at 25 and I think I had changed a little from 20 but still was trying to figure out my place. But now at 29 I have changed and matured into a loving wife and successful business women but I am still the same friend that I was at 20!

The change I received this week is my property is on the market! This means so much change. It took me pretty much all week to digest the fact that the place I have love so much will no longer be mine! The Marquis at Silver Oaks a place for all my 1st in the real world! My 1st job, 1st failure, 1st place to fall in love AKA I met Steven there :), 1st promotion, and the list could go on and on!! I was apart of the team that took that property over and then I watched the clubhouse burn down. Now I will be leading the team in selling the property and giving our investors the best return because ultimaltely that is what I do. It is definitely bittersweet!! I will keep rolling with the changes because the next 6 months are going to be full of so many changes!

I will continue to pray for peace and guidance on how to handle everything knowing that I have no control in what happens!!