Monday, October 10, 2011

Baby Malone Is On the Way!!!!

So yes it is official....Baby Malone will arrive in May 2012! He or she should be here right around Mother's Day. And all I can say right now is how I am so ready for my 1st trimester to be over. I literally count the days down multiple times of the day! I feel sick constantly and I am so incredible tired which neither of these 2 work very well with my work schedule!
I am 9 weeks so we are coming to the end of this feeling and I think I might have a party when the 1st 3 months are over. As we speak I am sitting here feeling sick at the moment...not fun at all!!!
We have already been to the Doctor and heard the heart beat which is when it dawned on Steven, "This is real!" The baby is measuring about 4ish days smaller then it should so we have another appointment this week to re measure and make sure everything is growing like it should! Friday can not get here fast enough so I can hear that little beat again and see my husband's eyes pop out of face...his reaction is the best!
I found out on Labor Day so just like my previous post August was for sure the month of change because that was the month I got pregnant! As soon as I found out I had such good thoughts to continue my strict work outs and keep it up as long as I could...YEP...that last like 3 days! When they say you are so tired...that is NO LIE....I never thought I would feel the way I have felt. It feels like an alien has taken over my body! I have no control over how I feel day to day because this little bean inside of me is controling everything...Welcome to being a parent Amy :)

Warning to all Mommy Wanna Be's!!!! This is the list of so true 1st Trimester issues that I was for sure a myth or thought "No Way is that going to happen to me!!"

1. You are so tired that you can barely get out of bed and then the 2nd you get home all you want to do is sleep!
2. All you care about on your days off from work is laying in have no desire to get ready or even get out of the house.
3. The sick feeling you have is so undiscribable and awful! You literally burp up everything that goes into your stomach...including water...Yes water even can make you sick!!
4. You never thought Saltine Crackers would be your best friend! I went through a whole sleeve in a day and a half just to help with my stomach and not gagging.
5. You feel like you are going to die when your hungry and you become a raving lunitic if you don't get food...NOW and I mean NOW!!!!!!!!!!! Just ask my husband!
6. And pee ALLLLLL the time...I have never been the person that wakes up at night to pee but now I am. There has not been one night that I have not peed in the middle of the night.
7. Talk about pain in the boob area! It is so bad that it hurts to lay on my stomach...I can only imagine what breast feeding is going to feel like!!
8. Raging Hormones! This started for me last week. Yes you turn into a completely different person and for me...I can just be flat out MEAN!!! I have not been a crier (except once..I am keeping my fingers crossed)yet but I am for sure snappy at people and just say it how it is. I am pretty blunt as a non pregnant person so being pregnant I am a little worse!

I never imagined in a million years any of these things would affect my day to day life when I got pregnant but let me tell has taken over!!! I have no control over any of the listed. I told Steven the baby is already in charge and he or she is barely the size of a bean!!! We are definitely in for a life changing experience in May which I think I am getting a small taste of it now and I could not be more excited!!!!!

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