Sunday, October 23, 2011

11 Weeks

I am 11 weeks and I am still counting down the days for my 1st trimester to be over! This past week was definitely the roughest. I had an insane schedule for work and literally used every ounce of energy I had while at work and passed out as soon as I got home. I was in bed at 8pm every single night. I never imagined how being pregnant can change everything in my day to day life.
My roughest morning was this Saturday morning. I usually suffer from allergies and have many different over the counter drugs that I take. Zrytec D being my favorite! Obviously, I can not take it because it can harm the baby. I have a list of allergy meds I can take from my doctor but have never felt bad enough to take them yet. All day Friday I just felt achy and tired and figured it was due to the fact my work schedule was just too much that week and I over did it. I went to bed right when I got home Friday. When Steven got home we went to grab dinner and in the middle of dinner I could feel my stomach cramping and knew I had to get home...we of course rushed home and I went strait to bed at 7:30pm on a Friday night!! Seriously...what has my life come too!! I have not left the house on a Saturday since Labor weekend because I am just too's depressing but hopefully it will end soon.
At midnight Friday I woke up with the worse headache you can imagine! When I get headaches they are always in the same place in my left eye and the pain surrounds that eye and the headaches are usually caused by my allergies. The intensity of the pain is so bad that touching or opening the eye is painful. At 3am I starting throwing up...not just throwing up ..but dry heaving...we are talking the most painful experience ever with the 2 combined! This continued every 15 minutes till 7am!!! I would never wish this upon anyone! I fell a sleep for about 2 hours and when I woke up it started again! Between my mom, my aunt, and my close friend who is my boss they were all calling me every 15 minutes to check on me that morning. Both my mom and my aunt really encouraged me to call my Doctor but I knew it was my allergies! Several years ago my headaches always made me throw up when I was exhausted so I knew that was the cause. As soon as I could stop throwing up I went strait to Wal Greens and purchased Claritin!
As soon as I took the Claritin and took a nap I was fine!! I pray I never experience that again and that any Mommy to Be's don't experience being that sick in the middle of the night!!
As excited I am to be pregnant I am just ready to get past this rough part and start enjoying it. Hopefully that will happen in a week or 2 and everything will be smooth till I get to meet my little baby.
We also took the over the counter gender test! Most people are convinced it's a girl! I think for 2 reasons. One would be I just think so many want us to have a girl because Steven is such a tough, bold, and just a guys guy...imagining him with a little girl is just impossible for there are no girls in Steven's family and a little girl would just be great! Second is because I have been so sick! There are 2 different bets going on because people are so convinced it's girl because of the sickness I have had.
I personally did not have an opinion until 2 weeks ago! I am convinced it's a boy which of course is what Steven thinks it is too! The over the counter test 100% said boy. So we are already talking to the baby with his name and of course using him, he, and his.! We may be surprisingly shocked in a few weeks if we find out it's a girl because we are both 100% convinced it's a boy!

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