Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Things We Do

Does anyone else just sit down sometimes and start looking around and ever think to yourself..."Why the heck did I buy that or agree to buy that?" Well...that is how I feel about my couches!

I try so hard to like them but I just do not like them 1 bit!!! It was the 1st purchase that my husband and I bought together when we first got engaged. And I have no idea what I was thinking when I agreed to get them. It is not like he forced me too...I completely agreed on them! They are exactly what I have always NEVER WANTED TO OWN! And now I am stuck with them and Steven loves them!

They are the matchy, matchy Roomstore stuff...and I mean stuff!! They are way too big for our living room and take over the whole space! It practically cuts off the entry in our house...drives me nutty! I swear I sit in the living room and just drive myself nuts looking at the space these stupid couches take up! The Love Seat doesn't so much bother me because it actually fits the space it sits in but just the color and decor of it bothers me.

I refuse to waist anymore of my money on throw pillows to attempt to like the couch set because it just is not going to happen! I just need a 2 year old to spill red kool aid all over both of them. Right?!?!?!?! Who is with I the only 1 that has something in their home they just can't believe they wasted their money on?

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