Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Dress

I have been glued to anything on TV this week that is "Royal Wedding." Every girl loves a fairytale of a Prince and his Princess. I truly think Kate is beautiful, there is something about the way she carries herself that just makes her look even better.

With that said here is the break down on all the dresses that are being talked about.

Mrs. Middleton verses Camilla. I really do like both but my favorite of "The Mother's" is Camilla. I love cream but I also love blue. But I love the pleets in Camillo's coat at the bottom and her hat is something I would pick out for myself at her age.

The Queen looked great! Yellow is the new color I just love right now. I swear everytime I go shopping I buy something yellow.

Besides Kate the other 2 girls that are being talked about are Pippa Middleton and Pince Harry'r girlfriend Chelsy Davy.

Let's start with Chelsy. What was she thinking? Let's be frank...she looks like a stripper that is trying to fit in. I know that is harsh but really that is what she looks like. Sorry Chelsy!

I think Pippa's dress is a dress that you either love or hate and what determines that is your personal fashion taste. This is a dress that I personally would never wear nor even give a 2nd look on the rack. But yesterday while shopping with my girlfriend, Brittany, she talked about how much she loved it. Which made me stop and think of course she loves it, she would look fabulous in it! I have seen mostly positive things said about Pippa's dress and several blogs about it. I did love the color. I have always like something about the wedding party wearing white too!

Now to Kate...I loved her formal wedding dress but I am completely obsessed with her reception dress!!

The dress that is getting talked the most was perfect for the occasion! I think she could have chosen a larger crown...I can only imagine what she had to choose from. The crown and the vail seemed a little to flat on her head to me. The lace look is something I considered for myself when dress shopping but it honestly does not fit me but I love it! The dress was perfect for Kate and the wedding.

What I just love is the dress that is getting missed in all the talk. Her Reception dress is AMAZING! If I could go wedding dress shop right now...this is what I would want! I just love it and I think it needs more attention. I love the fur little cardigan she is wearing but I bet she looks amazing without it on too! Imagine this dress with a crown from The Queen!

Everytime I watch something I can't help think how William wishes for his mother to there. I wonder what she would have worn? Where she would have sat in the church? How involved she would be with the Royal Family during the process?

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